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Check Indian Girls Whatsapp Real Mobile Numbers: We all love to eat fish but we don’t know about all the efforts and hardships that the fishermen who catch fish for us have to face. When we buy fish we think it is so expensive because the people who catch the fish sell it at higher rates but the fact is that they just get nominal daily wages for catching tons of fish a day.

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Indian Girls Whatsapp Numbers: Logan is the name of a young lady who was the eldest daughter of a fisherman. She had a younger brother too who was always busy in playing near the beach. Being a very sensible young lady she felt bad for her father and mother as both had to work very hard to make the ends meet and still they could not send their kids to school.

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Name: Isha
City: Mumbai
Age: 19
Status: Single
Religion: Hindu
Whatsapp Number: +915287397288

Indian Girls Whatsapp Numbers: There was a fish vendor who hired both her parents, he hired the men to go for catching fish and he hired the women to move the Fish to the storage area. One day her father went to catch fish and his dead body came back as while catching fish he fell in the sea and his head hit a rock that proved to be fatal.

Indian Girls Whatsapp Numbers: Brazil is the country of kind hearted people so people started offering her mother financial support but she refused each one of them. Logan used to take care of their small house when her parents were away but now she had to do something to make her mother feel comfortable. She decided to send her brother to school near their house so that she could help her mother earn a living.

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Name: Parvati
City: Delhi
Age: 20
Status: Single
Religion: Hindu
Whatsapp Number: +914278972972

Indian Girls Whatsapp Numbers: She started learning the operation of boats as she was born there and did not know much about the outer world. She knew that the fishermen were given daily wages that were very low but the boat operators get better pay.

Indian Girls Whatsapp Numbers: She went to her father’s boss and applied for the job when he saw her he made fun of her as there was no woman boat operator at that site but later he tested her with the boat operation he was stunned with her skills so he hired her at once.

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Name: Shina
City: Punjabi
Age: 19
Status: Single
Religion: Sikh
Whatsapp Number: +916297302735

Indian Girls Whatsapp Numbers: She kept working without a leave for the whole year and received extra bonus for her performance. The financial condition of her house was not only stable but they were even saving money for higher education of her brother. In four years’ time, they had enough money to buy a house of their own and yet have some savings for her brother’s education.

Indian Girls Whatsapp Numbers: Her brother surprised her with admission to evening classes for adults on Sundays. Today at the age of 35 she has passed tenth standard and her brother has become a physician.

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